Advanced Training

Are you ready to level up?

Over the past 9 years, Danielle has trained over 450 of the region's best-loved yoga teachers.

Have you thought about becoming a yoga teacher trainer too?  Danielle would love to mentor you in this process.  The 2019 calendar is full of sessions in which we'd like to place you in the Lead Trainer role.

Simply look at the calendar of trainings scheduled for 2018 here on the site and decide which session works for you.  You'll be in attendance for the 200 hour RYT session, featured in a faculty role.  

You will be mentored as you facilitate the arm balance and inversions workshops, sessions on adjustments, musical interpretation, performance element, and the 5 Facets of a Brilliant Class, as codified by Open Up! Yoga Teacher Training.

You will work on projects outside the session, gearing you up to assume the Lead Facilitator role on  the 2019-2020 calendar.  Retreats, destination trainings and local sessions abound.  The sky is the limit.

Come grow your practice as not just a yoga teacher, but as a yoga teacher trainer!  

Danielle believes that when we do well, YOU do well.

And when we all do well, the world is a better place.

Let's Begin!!!!!!