Audrey's Journey

We love all our YTT alumni at Open Up! Yoga Teacher Training.

For Danielle, the sweetest part of her gig is walking on the Path with luminescent, lovely yogis like Audrey. Listen in on a fun conversation between Open Up! Lead Trainer Danielle Day and early-career Rockstar Audrey Verginia about finding yoga, finding her voice and finding out how awesome of a yoga teacher you really can become when you Open Up!

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great!

Teaching Yoga: The Side Hustle to Save the World - The Official Training Manual of Open Up! Yoga Teacher Training

Get Zen Hot Yoga

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Adam! The Real Deal

Let’s hang out!

Take a break and join Danielle and her very special guest, Adam Riehl. Adam is a dear member of the Open Up! family, Manager of Be One Yoga in Kirkland, and a kick-ass yoga teacher sharing his light in the community.

We sit down and talk about a wide range of topics offering a glimpse into the Side Hustle to serve the community. Adam shares his experiences as a teacher and studio manager, and his struggles and achievements in his journey.

This fun chat with one of America’s best loved teachers will put a smile on your face.

Teaching Yoga: The Side Hustle to Save the World - The Official Training Manual of Open Up! Yoga Teacher Training

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Thrown to the Wolves

The scariest part of teaching yoga? When students complain about your yoga class. 

What happens when yoga teachers get a thumbs-down on their class?  Hear Danielle’s take on handling student complaints in this behind the scenes look at the darker side of being a Lightworker. 

For the student, for the teacher, and for the studio owner, there are insights and lessons for us all to learn and to share.

Teaching Yoga: The Side Hustle to Save the World - The Official Training Manual of Open Up! Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

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Ayurveda and Adult Beverages... Let's Party!

All kale and no play makes for a dull journey. When it’s time to party, what’s an awakened vehicle of light like yourself to choose? Assuming you’re not driving a car, teaching a class later, or caring for small children, raise your goblet of Rock!

Grab a drink with Danielle, and explore which adult beverages are right for Vata, Pitta, and Kapha in this lighthearted offering. 


We salute you!

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From Student to Teacher - Interview with Emma Gonzalez & Jordan Seifert

Danielle hands over the show to Jordan Seifert & Emma Gonzalez. Jordan graduated from Open Up a year ago and has made Teaching her full-time career. Emma graduated  just two days ago and is diving into her auditions. Listen in on their conversation and learn about tips & tricks for yoga, the life of a yoga teacher, and the journey they each took to becoming teachers.

Thank you to Get Zen for hosting our current training session and for letting us record the show! Check out their newest studio in Redmond Ridge.


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A Yogi's Journey - Interview with Jake Grossman

Danielle sits down with recent alumnus/rockstar Jake Grossman to discuss his journey - finding yoga, diving into teacher training, and the transition between training and the launch of his new career in being a Yoga Teacher. 

Is Jake living his yoga, earning his living AND making the world an even better place?


Jake Grossman: Instagram -  plantbased_jake

Get Zen Hot Yoga -

Open Up Yoga Teacher Training -

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I Used to be Skinny; Now I'm Just Sexy

We all struggle with body image issues. Have you ever wondered how your yoga teachers feel about their bodies? Do you ever wonder if you "look the part"? Spend some time with Danielle, as she shares how she decided to quit worrying, and to learned to love her body...and herself, just as she is. 

"To love is to first accept yourself as you actually are. To dream of the you that you wish to become is to waste the you that you are now." - Thich Nhat Hanh

As yoga teachers, it's our job to model radical self-acceptance and love.

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Start From Scratch Every Day - The step-by-step recipe for maintaining a personal practice

The scariest part of yoga might just be opening the door to your local yoga studio. Danielle breaks it down, offering inspiration, tips, & strategies for you to embark upon your journey.

"I am so inspired every day by the potential for one's personal practice to save one's soul." - Danielle Day

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The ABC's of Establishing a Personal Practice

Remember the Movie "Inside Out?"  Well, it turns out, that within this Disney/Pixar movie lie the secrets to optimizing Yogic Living.  Take the Ayurvedic Dosha Quiz and buckle up for a bumpy ride through the sister science of Yoga.

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Slow is the New Fast

Ever wonder why nothing "bad" ever seems to happen to your yoga teachers? Well, knock on wood and kick back with this diatribe for the Yoga Tribe. Danielle shares her secrets to looking young, avoiding chronic illnesses and maintaining an impeccable driving record.

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How to Live Your Yoga and Earn Your Living

Ever wonder how yoga teachers do what they love, love what they do, AND pay their bills?  

Danielle shares her stories of struggle, vision boards, and financial freedom in this heartfelt podcast about The Side Hustle to Save the World.

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How to Prepare for Teacher Training

So, you are taking the plunge. You're all registered for your 200 Hour RYT. Good for you! Wondering how to prepare for your journey? Danielle walks you through, step by step, all the ways to get a jump start.

It's going to be a lot of fun, it's going to be a lot of work, but this is for you! What you are attracting to yourself and your life is a path forward where you are going to understand how strong you are, how kind you are, how great you are, how much you are loved, and how you have something special to offer the wider world. 

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What is Open Up Yoga Teacher Training?

Shopping around for Yoga Teacher Training? Danielle explains the daily routines, priorities, and passions of the Open Up! Yoga Teacher Training program. Learn more about what makes the region's most-experienced, best-loved Teacher Training program special. You'll find out what to expect in your training and what sets Open Up apart from other teacher training programs. 

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