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We are no longer offering in-person training, but the same great content is available in our book, podcast, and YouTube page!


Light Not Might

The Official Podcast of Open Up Yoga Teacher Training

Danielle presents her “organized storytelling” of yoga teacher training, lovingly illuminated through her unique style of humor, profanity, and Sanskrit. 

Light Not Might is about learning radical self-acceptance. Whether you’re new to Yoga or have a deep practice, this is for everyone. 

Danielle’s stories will give you insight into the world of Yoga and her quest to give people the tools to create their best lives.





Teaching Yoga: The Side-Hustle to Save the World: How To Live Your Yoga & Earn Your Living

Yoga can save the world, but can you actually earn a living teaching it? How do the world’s best Yoga teachers make ends meet, while making the world an even better place? Are you ready to make Yoga your “side-hustle”? Study at home using Danielle’s myriad tips, tricks and strategies designed to prepare yogis of any level to guide safe, effective and fun classes to students of all abilities.

Available on Kindle

Open Up Yoga TT YouTube Channel

Our YouTube channel brings you tons of content that you can use for your own practice as well as guidance for your journey towards becoming a teacher. This is actual content from our training and all counts towards your certification hours, and it’s all free!

Take full classes, workshops, study guides, and our special Namaste At Home series which includes a 14-day challenge.

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