What makes Open Up! special?

The thing that makes our program special, is that it is isn’t about me, or my practice.  Our yoga teacher training isn’t really even all that much about the minutiae of yoga poses and it sure isn’t about celebrating me or other yoga teachers. Instagram Yogis, online personalities, or any Yoga Names in celebrity standing are not what we are about.

Our program is special because it is about me coaching individuals through the huge process of setting a goal and working very hard to achieve that goal. The magic is in how we hold space for this growth in the yoga teacher training process. It is about what changes in a person when they undertake this goal and then work very hard to achieve it. The discoveries they make about themselves are life-changing.

To be sure, my clinical training in anatomy makes this program the safest and most intelligent content  yoga teachers will find in the industry. To be clear, my deep and abiding practice of the yogic philosophy makes this the most authentic program you can find. But most of all, my training and background as a social worker and as an Ironman Triathlete and coach makes this the most effective program available. We set goals, practice routines, and universally accomplish the goal: Show Ready Day One After Graduation.

The specialty of our school is that students graduate, acing their auditions and opening their studios on day one after graduation. So many programs have lots of lecture and busywork, leaving no time for actual practice teaching. So many programs glorify the instructor’s practice as a cult of personality. Not us.

Our specialty is Performance Element and the “5 Facets of a Brilliant Class”.  

Since 2013, I have trained hundreds of everyday people of all levels and all abilities to teach safe, effective, intelligent, and inspiring yoga classes…day one after graduation!